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The Bent Rod Ruching Ring
for Circular Sock Machines
Designed by Fred Hauck

Embellish your socks with the fabulous Bent Rod Ruching Ring. Everybody wants one!

       Socks knitted on a sock machine may be embellished by adding ruche (rhymes with swoosh) stitches. Ruching is facilitated by the use of a curved wire or rod that is placed inside the cylinder, close to the needles, to enable casting loops onto selected needles. The ring must be easily removable after use.
       A ruching ring described in writings by Bonnie Smola and Roxana Baechle provided the parameters which guided my design of the tool.  Figure 1 is the Bent Rod Ruching Ring. It is a spiral ring with a handle on the starting end. The handle is about 1 inch long and points to the center of the ring.
       The ring is placed inside the cylinder, as in Figure 2, with the handle near the first needle to cast on. Ruching yarn is fed from a small ball in the cylinder or fed from a cone on the floor under the weights. Pull the yarn into the sock above the buckle and up through the cylinder. Loop it on the first needle near the handle. Avoid a knot by doubling the yarn back 6", and casting the doubled yarn around the ring and onto the next 3 needles as shown in Figure 3.
     Cast counter-clockwise around the handle and the needles. Cast on 4 or 5 needles working ahead of the handle. Figure 4 shows several needles cast on with 4 needles cast ahead of the handle.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 1

Figure 4