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The Spoon Pickup
For Circular Sock Machines
Designed by Fred Hauck

       Save time with the fabulous Spoon Pickup.
Everybody wants one!

       A csm pickup tool (Figure 1) is useful for lifting the cylinder spring when removing needles, picking up stitches, moving yarn and a variety of chores.
       Constructed by cutting the handle from a spoon and attaching a small wire, it blends with the other tools made from table utensils. A crescent knife, heel fork and pickup tool can be made from a matched set of utensils.
       Lift the cylinder spring (Figure 2) by inserting the pickup hook under the spring, from bottom up. The tool can pull the spring out and slid sideways or hang on the spring on standby (Figure 3).  It is especially handy when inserting and removing the ribber needles.
       Price    $6.00
       S&H   $2.00

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 1