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Bent Rod Yarn Guide

       A new yarn guide was designed to replace worn out or missing original guides. Stainless steel rods were used for the arms, and a unique brake wire designed to out perform the originals. A special spring was designed that incorporates a pigtail twist for the yarn. The yarn can be threaded and removed without cutting.
       The arms are adjustable, making the guide adaptable to most antique sock machines.
       The break wire has an extension toward the rear of the guide to balance it's holding ability for smoother performance.
       This new guide is custom made because of the many styles of sock machines. This makes the pricing a little flexible as certain modifications may affect the manufacturing cost.
       Therefore orders must be negotiated to make sure specifications are correct and pricing reasonable.

     Price                    $70.00
     Mast or post        $10.00
     S&H                      $5.00