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The Bent Rod Buckle
for Circular Sock Machines
Designed by Fred Hauck

Pull your socks down with the fabulous Bent Rod Buckle. Everyone wants one!

       Original buckles were not easy to thread up and sometimes slipped on the fabric. They were also lost by many of the original owners, and alternative buckles and weights were substituted.
        A new buckle was designed that is easy to install, easy to remove, and holds the fabric very firmly.
        The buckle is shown in Fig. 1 as a full view. Fig. 2 shows the position of the buckle as it is placed on the sock. Fig. 3 shows the buckle rotated a half turn clockwise. Fig. 4 shows the loop being moved around to the back of the sock. Fig. 5 shows the buckle rotated to the working position. Note how the sock is held by the two prongs of the buckle. In Fig. 6 the buckle is shown with a full load of weights. Fig. 7 illustrates the ease of removing the buckle from the sock by pulling it straight out to the side.
       The Bent Rod Buckle holds very firmly and is fun to use, perhaps because of the simplicity of design and the ease with which it is installed and removed from the sock.

Price                 $15.00
S&H                 $3.00